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There are lots of right ways to kick sugar. This is one of them. This course teaches an approach to ending your addiction that is quick, easy and permanent. I know that sounds impossible. It is not. I will show you how.

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Sugar Freedom Here You Come!

My name is Florence and I am a recovered sugar addict, words I never thought I would say. For decades I struggled with the compulsive consumption of refined carbohydrates. I knew they were contributing to my long list of health issues such as migraines, acne rosacea, depression, weight gain and binge eating, and yet I still ate them. Uggg.

For over 2 decades I was in and out of therapy, 12 step meetings, doctor's offices, health food stores, and alternative health care clinics in an effort to stop going off the deep end with donuts and doritos, cookies and ice cream, kitkats and candy. I made progress and year over year I ate less sugar and improved my health. I had long stretches of abstinence but I never found true freedom until one day I met a former alcoholic who taught me a technique that ended my addiction once and for all. It worked like magic. I now teach my clients the same technique. The technique is not will power based. It does not require effort and hard work. It is a skill that anyone can learn. I am beyond excited to share it with you! 

Who is This Course For?

If any of these are true for you, you are in the right place:

  • I know sugar is harming my health
  • I cannot do moderation, I want abstinence 
  • I am willing to try something new
  • I want to eat healthy whole foods
  • I want to stop binge eating junk food
  • I want to stop thinking about food so much
  • I want to stop feeling shame, guilt, and self loathing
  • I want to lose weight and reverse a health condition
  • I want to break up with sugar! For real. Forever.
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3 Weeks and 3 Modules

This course consists of three online modules and 3 coaching calls. Each week you will listen to a module, complete the homework, followed by a coaching call. At the end of three weeks, you will have the skill needed to stop eating sugar without feeling deprived. I refer to this skill as a ninja mind trick because it happens at the level of mind. Your freedom will feel more like a revelation, an epiphany than anything else. 

Sugar Freedom Here I Come!

3 Weeks To Sugar Freedom Course

We will study one module per week for three weeks. 
After that you will be sugar free and can sustain this for life.

In addition to the course, this coaching package comes with an additional 4 laser coaching (15 minute calls) that you can claim anytime in the first year of your sugar sobriety. You will book those calls as needed. 

Module 1

What is Addiction

  • What is sugar addiction?
  • What makes sugar addiction different than an eating disorder?
  • Why abstinence (done right) is better than moderation
  • What is sugar?
  • Why sugar is not the real problem? 

Module 2

Ninja Mind Trick

  • Why will power doesn't work
  • Your Sugar Gremlin Explained
  • The Ninja Mind Trick 
  • Abstinence versus Freedom
  • Guided Meditation
  • The great mindset shift that changes everything

Module 3

  • 12 common Gremlin maneuvers and how to overcome them
  • Your Gremlin is a rogue pleasure drive
  • Why one bite is a problem for all addicts
  • How to have abstinence feel like 'the joy of an answered prayer' instead of a 'lifetime of deprivation'

Your Coaching Package

$1500 USD

One time payment

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What Makes Your Program Different?

It is skill based. It works with brain power, not will power. This skill is easy to learn and can be mastered in three weeks.

Will This Work With Any Meal Plan?

Yes, you can be vegan, paleo, vegetarian, keto, low carb, etc. It is not my job to tell you what to eat, it is my job to help you break up with sugar so you can fall in love with and leverage the healing powers of whole foods. Which whole foods? You decide.

What is Your Refund Policy?

You are welcome to join us for one week, and one module before deciding if this is the right program for you. After that, you are committed and no refunds will be issued.

What is Included in the Course?

This Coaching Package includes all of the following:

  • Online Course consisting of 3 Modules
  • 3 (60-minute) coaching Calls one after each Module
  • 3 Bonus Modules 
  • 4 (15 minute) laser coaching calls as needed

What is Laser Coaching?

After the 3 week course ends, you are welcome to book in for (4) 15 minute laser coaching calls to support you as you navigate your new sugar free life. You can book these calls anytime in your first year of being 100% sugar free. These calls are 'bonus' to give you reassurance that I am here if you need me.

Your Coach

Florence Christophers, B.A., M.Phil., Certified Health Coach

Florence is a former sugar addict (words she never thought she would say). After 20+ years of trying everything, Florence was introduced to a technique that comes out of the drug and alcohol recovery field that ended her addiction quickly, easily, and permanently. Today, Florence is on a mission to help others eliminate their runaway consumption of refined carbohydrates quicker and easier than she did, and to reduce the rise of sugar-related lifestyle diseases that cause unspeakable suffering. Florence knows that women (and men too) are wasting too much time obsessed with food and weight, and struggling with cravings and self loathing. Our draining and demoralizing power struggle with refined carbs can be reversed. Her website is: www.kicksugarcoach.com


Florence Christophers

“Your technique Florence is life changing and I will be forever grateful. It works. 3 months later I have lost 29 pounds. ”

Florence Christophers

“I'm so grateful to have met you and to FINALLY (feeling teary typing this) be free from my life long painfully debilitating obsession with sugar/food.”

Florence Christophers

“I have kicked other addictions using the 12 steps. This is unlike anything I have ever tried before. It worked for me - after years of bingeing and trying everything.”

Florence Christophers

“If someone had suggested to me that in a matter of weeks I'd be able to put an end to a sugar addiction which had lasted pretty much my whole life, I would have, at best, found the possibility extremely unlikely. Not only have I truly put an end to sugar it happened so quickly and effortlessly I could hardly believe it. I simply cannot recommend Florence's coaching and the "Kick Sugar Course" highly enough! ”

Florence Christophers

“I have bought many a package that promised to "change my life"... make me rich, make me thinner, make me more self-confident, help me dress better... none of them have ever lived up to the hype. Well, this was one purchase that actually lived up to the promise, and it did change my life. I am no longer a slave to sugar. And I have lost 20 pounds since we last spoke. Thank-you Florence for the life mission you have chosen.”

Florence Christophers

“It is hard to believe that after over 40 years of such unbelievable struggles and white knuckling it, I am free of sugar and truly do not crave it in any way. I am around sweets, candy and chocolate all the time and not even a hint of craving, which no one that knows me can believe. Writing this testimonial, I am realizing it has been a year since I took Florence's course and have not turned back. Florence has been able to help me where nothing else has ever done before. ”


The coaching services of Florence Christophers and the information shared by her staff, summits, webinars and resources are are NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is your responsibility to work with a health care practitioner familiar with your specific medical needs. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before, during and after making lifestyle changes. They can affect your prescriptions and symptoms. 

We do not advocate any particular way of eating beyond the importance of eating adequate amounts of nutrient dense whole foods suited to your body and preferences.


You have 7 days to decide if our this coaching package is the right purchase for you. After 7 days, I consider you committed (to yourself and to us) and no refunds will be issued. If an emergency arises and you cannot complete the program, no problem. You can join us for any future group coaching programs and carry on where you left off.

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