Kick Sugar Mastermind
"The Sugar-Free Sisterhood"
with Florence and Aimee

We are a powerful group of Sugar Gremlin Butt-Kicking Superstars who meet weekly to continue to grow, heal, connect and stay sugar-free.

This mastermind is also for graduates of our emotional eating coaching programs under the caveat that if you are struggling with sugar, you will need to learn the gremlin / dragon technique to stay in this group. If you are predominantly and peacefully eating whole foods, and you are ready to take your life to the next level, then you are in the right place.

Join us!

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This mastermind is for men and women who have successfully broken up with sugar and are ready to find ways to become happier and healthier. This includes losing weight, getting fitter, finding more peace of mind and boosting our moods. 

In short, this is the next step in your journey. 

We will learn how to show up for ourselves emotionally, to find new and better ways of bringing pleasure and comfort to ourselves, and boosting our self-care in all kinds of wonderful ways.

Doing this in a community of like-minded individuals with ongoing support, accountability, and coaching is helpful. We will navigate life's ups and downs, highlights, hiccups, and holidays in the context of community. Because together is better and sugar-free is forever!

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Mastermind Features

Here is What You Get When You Join Us

Ongoing Coaching and Support

  • Weekly Live Q & A with Florence and Aimee
  • Continued Access to our Coaching Services
  • Email Support
  • Handouts and Resources
  • Monthly challenges 

Group Support

  • Private peer support 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Practice new skills together
  • Meet people from around the world

Why Join Our Mastermind?

Now that our addiction is handled, we can look at  other areas of our lives that have been neglected or need healing. This mastermind will walk you through 6 months of living sugar-free and help you get traction with other goals such as weight loss, your finances, finding love, and healing past trauma.

Our lives, on the other side of sugar, are not going to be perfect, and that's okay!

This mastermind is intended to help you set and achieve new life goals. It is also intended to protect you against relapse, which is inevitable if new skills are not learned and mastered.

Sugar Addiction Relapse Recovery School-1

1 Year Sugar-Free Sisterhood
Mastermind Membership

By invite only

Included in Kick Sugar Coaching Packages

We Will Walk With You Through a Full Year of Being Sugar-Free

Weekly Group Coaching & Live Q & A

Email Support

Community Connection

Relapse Prevention Checklist


Strong Community

When you join the Mastermind, you become part of a vibrant sugar-free community. A community where you will meet whole food men and whole food women from all over the world that are ready to take their lives to the next level. Just because we are now sugar free doesn't mean our need for support and accountability ends. They become more important than ever.

Join our mighty tribe! The only prerequisite is you are successfully using our Sugar Dragon Mastery Technique.

Bring your true self and allow us to coach and support you as you make your sugar-free life everything you hoped it would be.

Community is essential to long term sugar sobriety. Join us today!

Your Mastermind Facilitators

Florence Christophers, B.A., M.Phil, Certified Health Coach

Florence is a Certified Health Coach with expertise in sugar addiction recovery, weight loss and emotional eating. She is a former 'professor' at the University of Lethbridge, founder of the Kick Sugar Summit and Overcome Emotional Eating Summit, and has been working as a coach for over 14 years. Florence lives in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada with her husband and daughter.

Aimee Anderson, Certified Health Coach

Aimee is a Certified Health and Life Coach, former Head Coach of 30 Days Sugar Free program, a certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutritionist. She has first-hand experience with almost every diet on the planet and knows what works and what doesn't. Since 2017 Aimee has rocked her sugar free life for 4 years now, has lost 55 pounds and kept it off. She is passionate about helping others get lean, get clean, and sugar-free. Aimee lives in San Diego with her husband and adult children.