Emotional Eating recovery is a deep and daring journey where you learn to nurture yourself from within instead of seeking solutions, substances and saviours from outside. It is deeply personal and breathtakingly beautiful.

Our 12 week program teaches a gentle step-by-step process by which you will find freedom from compulsive overeating, cravings, food obsession and self-abandonment.

We know you  have better things to do than binge eat, stress about the size of your thighs, and go to bed feeling shame, guilt and regret. Dieting is demoralizing, so is binge eating. We get it.

Recovery from emotional eating is possible. We will show you how.

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Who Is This Program For?

If you answer yes to any of the following, you have come to the right place!

  • Do you struggle with compulsive overeating?
  • Do you eat when you are not hungry?
  • Do you experience strong food cravings?
  • Do you binge eat?
  • Do you have a long history of dieting?
  • Do you eat food to relieve stress, relax, numb out?
  • Is food a primary source of comfort?
  • Are you obsessed with food and weight?
  • Is your relationship with food causing you grief?
  • Do you feel shame, guilt, and self-loathing about your food choices?
  • Do you want to lose weight and reverse a health condition?
  • Are you ready to learn new self care skills that will allow you to release comfort food as your BFF?
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3 Months and 3 Goals

This course consists of three separate components delivered over three months (12 Weeks):

  • First, we focus on three foundational areas: creating a vision for recovery (what are your goals), structuring your meal plan, and 6 essential self care skills 
  • Second, we teach you unique and powerful techniques to address the underlying causes of emotional eating (negative thinking, fear of feelings, and inner nurturing process).
  • Third, we explore other ways you can bring comfort and pleasure into your life beyond food.

12 Week Overcome Emotional Eating Coaching Program

We will study one component per month for three months.
The goal is to help you ditch dieting, stop emotionally abandoning yourself and become food neutral.

Month 1


  • Creating an inspired vision for your life
  • 3 Meal Miracle
  • Identifying and eliminating trigger foods
  • Implementing the 6 essential daily self-care strategies
  • Personality Traits common to Emotional Eaters
  • Sugar Addiction vs Emotional Eating - Quiz

Month 2


  • Learn a simple technique to identify and reframe negative thinking
  • Learn how to stop fearing feelings so you can welcome their insightful self-correcting bio-feedback
  • 4 Step Self-Connection Process to learn how to feel our feelings, nurture ourselves and meet our own needs

Month 3


  •  Identify and practice new ways of bringing pleasure, comfort, and sweetness into your life. 
  • Importance of communication, setting boundaries, Saying No
  • Supplements and strategies to boost your feel good neurotransmitters 

Your Private Coaching Program

$2500 USD

One-time payment

Overcome Emotional Eating Online Course + Workbook

28-Day Guided Whole Food Cleanse + Manual

28 (15-min) daily connection coaching calls during cleanse

1 (60-min) Kick Start Private Coaching Call

 16 (30-min) Coaching Calls during Months 2&3

3 months Unlimited Email Support

Guided Meditation

EFT Scripts

And more!

$900 USD

Three-pay Option

Overcome Emotional Eating Online Course + Workbook

28-Day Guided Whole Food Cleanse + Manual

28 (15-min) daily connection coaching calls during cleanse

1 (60-min) Kick Start Private Coaching Call

 16 (30-min) Coaching Calls during Months 2&3

3 months Unlimited Email Support

Guided Meditation

EFT Scripts

And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What Makes Your Program Different?

Emotional eating is deep seated and difficult to overcome without an effective intervention. Our program teaches a unique blend of body and mind healing strategies that enables you to learn how to nurture yourself in new and better ways, embrace your emotions, shift negative thinking and rewire your brain. Instead of telling you to try harder, we teach you skills. We also offer abundant opportunities to practice your new skills with personalized support and accountability. You will be amazed at how much progress you can make in a mere 90 days. We are excited to show you!

Can You Fully Recover from Emotional Eating in 12 Weeks?

Rewiring the brain and healing from emotional eating takes time. Our program teaches you the skills you need to fully recover from emotional eating and we practice them with you until they start to become second nature. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will have dramatic shifts in your negative thinking, experience profound shifts in your tendency to avoid feelings instead of connect to them, and you will begin to release the diet mentality that keeps you locked into chronic feelings of deprivation. Our goal is to serve as your 'nurturer' until 12 weeks later you are ready to take over, where we leave off. We are the training wheels you won't need anymore. In the months and years to come, what you learn with us will become your new normal. Recovering from emotional eating is a journey. Our time together will be the beginning of the end of emotional eating for you.

What is Your Refund Policy?

You are welcome to join me for a full 7 days of coaching before deciding if this is the right program for you. After one week of starting the program, we consider you committed (to yourself and to us) and no refunds will be issued. 

Will This Work With Any Meal Plan?

Yes. Individuals who choose to eat Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. are all welcome. 

Will This Course Help Me Lose Weight?

Not all emotional eaters need to lose weight, but if you do, then yes, absolutely you can lose weight. Most participants lose between 12-18 pounds during our program. Weight loss is a side benefit of releasing food as our default stress reduction strategy. If you do not want to lose weight, no problem. Losing weight is optional.

Emotional Eating vs Sugar Addiction

Emotional eating and sugar addiction are different, and require different approaches to recovery. Abstinence for a sugar addict is essential and once achieved brings feelings of relief, freedom and joy. Sugar abstinence for emotional eaters tend to create feelings of deprivation that lead to binge eating. Sugar addicts make peace with eating sugar-free, emotional eaters make peace with all food.  If you think you are both an emotional eater and a sugar addict, you are in luck. We teach a unique approach to sugar addiction recovery that can help you find freedom quickly and easily without using will power and without feeling deprived. We call it the Sugar Dragon Technique. We can incorporate this recovery work into your emotional eating program if needed. We will discuss this in the early weeks of working together. We will administer a quiz that can help you determine if you are an emotional eater and a sugar addict and then move forward accordingly.

Your Coach


Florence Christophers, B.A., M.Phil., Certified Health Coach

Florence is a certified health coach with expertise in sugar addiction and emotional eating recovery.  Despite struggling for 26 years to get a grip on her runaway consumption of refined carbohydrates. Florence finally found freedom when she was introduced to a technique that comes out of the drug and alcohol recovery field. It lead to a quantum breakthrough that allowed her to break up sugar quickly and permanently. Recovering from emotional eating, however, was more complicated and is on-going. For Florence, emotional eating required her to make a deep commitment to stop emotionally abandoning herself and to go inside for nurturing instead of outside for numbing. Next came a journey of discovering techniques to identify and shift negative thinking patterns (and limiting core beliefs).

Today, Florence is on a mission to help others heal from emotional eating quicker and easier than she did. She knows our disordered eating and poor food choices are contributing to the rise of modern lifestyle diseases that cause unspeakable suffering. And she knows that women (and men) are wasting too much time obsessed with food and weight, and struggling with cravings, self-loathing and self-abandonment. Emotional eating almost never goes away on its own. It requires an effective intervention. Holding her client's hand and helping them self-connect and show up as their own nurturer is a special privilege only a coach who is walking the walk can do. 


Florence Christophers

“Your technique, Florence, is life-changing, and I will be forever grateful. It works. Three months later I have lost 29 pounds. I really enjoyed the modules of information and the technique of cornering my sugar dragon.”

Florence Christophers

“I have bought many a package that promised to "change my life"... make me rich, make me thinner, make me more self-confident, help me dress better... none of them has ever lived up to the hype. Well, this was one purchase that actually lived up to the promise, and it did change my life. And I have lost 20 pounds since we last spoke. Thank-you Florence for the life mission you have chosen.”

Florence Christophers

“I find that my words don’t do the program justice because it (and you) have changed my life forever. I am beyond grateful and will never be able to fully express how much you have done for me.”

For emotional eaters, food is often used to numb, distract and self-medicate. But there are better ways to manage our emotions and lovelier ways to nurture ourselves. 

We will show you how.



The services of Florence Christophers are NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is your responsibility to work with a health care practitioner familiar with your specific medical needs. 

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before, during and after making lifestyle changes. They can affect your prescriptions and symptoms. 

I do not advocate any particular way of eating beyond the importance of eating adequate amounts of nutrient dense whole foods suited to your body and preferences.


You have 7 days to decide if our this coaching package is the right purchase for you. After 7 days, I consider you committed (to yourself and to us) and no refunds will be issued. If an emergency arises and you cannot complete the program, no problem. You can join us for any future group coaching programs and carry on where you left off.