Are you struggling with strong cravings for junkfood?

Are you binge eating sugar and/or flour?

Do you feel you have lost your ability to "Identify, Observe and Ignore" your Gremlin?

Is it still your heart's desire to be sugar-free and deeply grateful?

Are you ready to restore your ability to say 'no' to refined carbs and find peace around food?

If yes, I you have come to the right place.

3 Private Coaching Calls $397
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Who Is This Program For?

If any of these are true for you, you are in the right place:

  • You previously learned my Sugar Gremlin / Dragon Technique
  • You have stopped having the ability to peacefully pass up sugar
  • You want to avoid another gremlin attack in the future
  • You are keen find sugar freedom and so you can focus on and achieve other health and happiness goals
  • You are tired of fighting sugar cravings 
  • You are feeling shame, guilt and regret about your food choices 
  • You want help cornering the gremlin and ending the struggle
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3 Week 'The Gremlin Came Back' Coaching Program

This specific package includes 3 private coaching calls delivered over 3 weeks. 
The goal is to help you find your freedom again so you can peacefully / happily pass up sugar.

Call #1: 

Your Big Why / Your Vision

  • Re-activate the Neocortex and re-connect with your 'truth' about sugar
  • Create a vision board of why you want to be sugar-free

Call #2: 

Corner the Gremlin

  • Recommit to 'never again' eating sugar
  • Corner the Gremlin with your coach
  • Feel the joy of the answered prayer and release feelings of deprivation

Call #3: 

Relapse Recovery and Prevention

  • Complete Gremlin Relapse Risk Self-Assessment
  • Relapse Prevention Handout
  • Final Gremlin good-bye

Your Coaching Program

$397 USD

One-time payment

3 (60-min) Private Coaching Calls

Sugar Free Daily Journal

Relapse Prevention Handout

Post-program Daily Reader

Your Coach

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Florence Christophers, B.A., M.Phil., Certified Health Coach

Florence is a former sugar addict (words she never thought she would say). After 20+ years of trying everything, Florence was introduced to a technique that comes out of the drug and alcohol recovery field that ended her addiction quickly, easily, and permanently. Today, Florence is on a mission to help others eliminate their runaway consumption of refined carbohydrates quicker and easier than she did, and to reduce the rise of sugar-related lifestyle diseases that cause unspeakable suffering. Florence knows that women (and men too) are wasting too much time obsessed with food and weight, and struggling with cravings and self loathing. Your draining and demoralizing power struggle with refined carbs can be reversed. She will show you how. Her website is:


Florence Christophers

“Your technique, Florence, is life-changing, and I will be forever grateful. It works. Three months later I have lost 29 pounds. I really enjoyed the modules of information and technique of cornering our sugar gremlin/dragon.”

Florence Christophers

“I really liked all the information on the science of addiction. This helped me to understand I’m not weak and it’s not a character flaw. I have lost over 50 lbs. It has been 8 months since I last tasted sugar. I am sugar free and deeply grateful.”

Florence Christophers

“I find that my words don’t do the program justice because it (and you) have changed my life forever. I am beyond grateful and will never be able to fully express how much you have done for me.”

Florence Christophers

“I liked the repeated information about sugar’s harm. Although I already knew most of what was in the course, repetition is needed for it to actually sink in, and I took something different from the lesson every time. ”

Florence Christophers

“I have bought many a package that promised to "change my life"... make me rich, make me thinner, make me more self-confident, help me dress better... none of them has ever lived up to the hype. Well, this was one purchase that actually lived up to the promise, and it did change my life. I am no longer a slave to sugar. And I have lost 20 pounds since we last spoke. Thank-you Florence for the life mission you have chosen.”

Florence Christophers

“If someone had suggested to me that in a matter of weeks, I'd be able to put an end to a sugar addiction, which had lasted pretty much my whole life, I would have, at best, found the possibility extremely unlikely. But then, I hadn't come across anyone like the 'Kick Sugar Coach.' Not only have I truly put an end to sugar - it happened so quickly and effortlessly I could hardly believe it. It seemed impossible. I simply cannot recommend Florence's coaching highly enough.”

Kicking sugar is easy.
I will remind you of this. 

Let's do this, again, together!



The services of the Kick Sugar Coach is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is your responsibility to work with a health care practitioner familiar with your specific medical needs. 

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before, during and after making lifestyle changes. They can affect your prescriptions and symptoms. 

I do not advocate any particular way of eating beyond the importance of eliminating processed foods. You get to decide what whole food meal plan works for you. 

You have 7 days to decide if our this coaching package is the right purchase for you. After 7 days, no refunds will be issued.