23 Signs Your Body Is Deficient in Vital Nutrients


Just last month, Dr. Berg released a video linking sugar to 23 nutritional deficiencies. It was sooo good. In fact, it already has 3 million views in barely 3 weeks. It has seriously gone viral. 

I hope you find it helpful!

The bottom line??? 

Eating sugar is deprivation. It deprives your body of the nutrients it needs to thrive. Deprives you of health, mental health, self-respect, energy, sleep, healthy weight, peace around food, etc.

Ditch it and don't look back.

P.S. — Even though Dr. Berg is a Keto guy, don’t let that deter you from listening to his science. He’s one of my favourite Sugar-Free Crusaders. And rarely in his videos does he plug Keto. So if you’re on the Vegetarian / Vegan end of the spectrum, you’ll still benefit from his information.


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