The 6 R's (Internal Trigger Deactivators)


In my previous post, we were talking about the 6 different internal 'feeling' states that trigger sugar cravings and relapse — The "6 F's".

Today, let's talk about how to relieve the 6 F’s. How to preempt them from sabotaging your best efforts to eat healthy whole foods in perpetuity.

Each Negative F (Feeling State) has a powerful antidote. I call these the "6 R’s". 

Internal Trigger Deactivators: “The 6 R’s”

  1. The antidote for Fatigue is: Rest (sleep) and/or Recreation (exercise)
  2. The antidote for Fear is: Reframing Negative Thoughts and Faith
  3. The antidote for Flight or Fright is: Relaxation
  4. The antidote for Frantic is: Reduction (Reduce your workload)
  5. The antidote for Famine is: Replenish (Ramp up nutrition, stop dieting/restricting)
  6. The antidote for Feelings is: Recognize and Release (As opposed to repressing emotions)

When you do the 6 R's consistently they not only curb cravings but also prevent relapse. Double Good.

I get this sounds like a lot! But you don't have to create new self-care habits all at once. Take baby steps.

As long as you are heading in the right direction, your life and health will get better, and your sugar cravings less frequent.

In fact, let's get started right now!

Pick one F (the one with the highest score from yesterday) and its corresponding R to work on. Brainstorm things you can do under each R category and slowly integrate them into your day. Do this until you feel some relief

The goal is to make small improvements in only one area. Don't work on all of them, just pick one. And watch how even small progress impacts the frequency of your urges to eat poor quality foods and eat in the absence of genuine hunger.

Work on your R until it becomes a new healthy habit. If done consistently this should take roughly 30-60 days.

Then tackle your next most pressing F and engage in the corresponding R.

Rinse and repeat until you are doing all of the above R's consistently and joyfully.

This will take time. That's okay. Just get started. Blessings and benefits will show up to keep you encouraged.

Recovery is a slow methodical process with occasional rapturous breakthroughs.


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