SUGAR Assessment

SUGAR® is the world's only professional diagnostic tool that assesses whether your relationship to refined carbohydrates falls into one of three categories: "use", "harmful use", or "addiction". It is the gold standard in assessments based on the DSM V and ICD-10. The assessment is comprehensive, requires 3+ hours to complete + review with a certified professional, and directly determines 'next step' treatment options. In the first 2 sessions (60 minutes), the coach + and client conduct the assessment and review the results. In the final session, the coach will map out an addiction recovery plan and share a wide variety of resources to support the client as they move forward.

The Resources include:

  • 3 Customizable Weight Loss + Maintenance Abstinent Meal Plans (Vegan, Keto, Paleo)
  • 4 Ways to Say "NO" to Sugar
  • Top 10 Trigger Foods for Sugar Addicts
  • Top 10 Ways to Eliminate Sugar Cravings
  • A Daily Planner to Track Food + Self-Care
  • Self-Care Workbook (Week #1 or #2)
  • Gremlin Relapse Document
  • Craving Tracker
  • Recommended Lab Work
  • Link to Podcast
  • 3 Kick Sugar Summit Interviews
  • EFT Script
  • 5-Minutes Morning Meditation

 Benefits of this Assessment:

  • Know with certainty whether you are a "harmful user" and can moderate your consumption of refined carbs (sugar/ flour) or a "sugar addict" who must completely abstain
  • See in black and white the full history of your harmful or addictive use including dieting, purging, restricting, binging, etc.
  • Observe the progression of your addiction
  • Appreciate the multi-generational roots of your addiction
  • Observe the ebb and flow of other addictive substance use and abuse
  • Substantiate your suspicions with science
  • Be guided into treatment specific next steps
  • Access videos, handouts, workbooks, daily meditations, and more to support your recovery
  • Lifetime access to a weekly live Q & A with Florence and/ or Aimee — ask questions, get support