Boot Camp Level 2

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If you loved the benefits you experienced from ditching sugar/flour for 28 days, you will be blown away by what happens after 90! It is nothing short of a miracle.

Our Bootcamp Level 2 will guide you through another 60 days of sugar-free eating (for a total of 90 days) and introduce you to Sugar Addiction Recovery insights, skills, tools, and strategies.

Boot Camp Level 2 Goals


  • Support is essential to unhooking from sugar in the long term. We will continue to support and encourage you to eat whole foods, three meals and no snacks for another 8 weeks.
  • To eliminate cravings, boost your energy, stabilize your mood, and enjoy continued weight loss, it is important that you follow the 3 Meal Miracle perfectly. No slips. No nibbles. No binges. 
  • You can do it. We will help you. This level of clean eating will open doors to healing, blessings and benefits you can hardly imagine. It really is nothing short of miraculous.


  • If you are on the addiction spectrum and looking to baby step in the direction of lasting sugar freedom, this course is your next step. We share strategies and tools that you can use to reduce stress and self-soothe when thoughts of food surface and relapse is imminent. 

  • In addition to Tools of Recovery you will have the option of taking our Sugar Dragon (TM) online course which comes with private coaching. It will be an add-on (optional) feature of this Bootcamp. There is more information about the Sugar Dragon Course below. You do NOT have to take this course to benefit greatly from this Bootcamp. 

Benefits of the Program

  • Professional Support 
  • 8 Weeks of Additional Group Coaching
  • Build New Self Care and Stress Management Habits
  • Continue to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
  • Tracker Triggers and Cravings
  • Break the Habit of Snacking
  • Master Meal Prep and Mindful Eating
  • More Healing and Health Improvements
  • More Self-Confidence and Less Self-Hatred
  • Stop Wasting Time, Money and Energy Fighting Sugar 
  • Stop Pretending You Can Do This on Your Own
  • Make Friends and Feel Supported