12-Week Private Coaching Package



  • (20) 15-Minute Daily Check-In Calls | Monday - Friday
  • (6) 1-Hour Private Coaching Calls
  • Sugar Dragon Course
  • Sugar Addiction Recovery Workbook + Resources
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to Sugar-Free Mastermind Community
  • Ideal for Clients Who Need and Want Intense and Personalized Support and Accountability

This coaching package offers intensive daily support for the first month of the program while clients are going through detox and learning how to eat sugar-free. It also includes (6) 1-hour weekly coaching calls where you will learn new skills and strategies related to the following topics. The first 1-hour call takes place prior to the Detox and the commencement of our daily 15-minute coaching calls.

These are Things You Will Learn:

  • How to Minimize and Eliminate Cravings
  • How to Track and Manage Triggers
  • Science of Sugar Addiction
  • How to Follow an Abstinent Meal Plan
  • How to Learn New and Better Ways to Self-Soothe
  • How to Eat Out and Socialize
  • How to Prevent and Recover from Relapse
  • How to Optimize Weight Loss
  • Self-Care and Stress Management
  • How to Identify, Observe, and Ignore Your Sugar Dragon
  • Creating Future-Focused Positive Expectations
  • PLUS Reframing Negative Thoughts (CBT)
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