6-Month Private Coaching Package



  • (20) 15-Minute Daily Check-In Calls | Monday - Friday
  • (15) 30-Minute Private Coaching Calls
  • (4) 1-Hour Private Coaching Calls
  • Sugar Dragon Course
  • Sugar Addiction Recovery Workbook + Resources
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to Sugar-Free Mastermind Community
  • Intense Support + Accountability
  • Ideal for Clients Looking to Reverse or Improve Significant Health Challenges
  • Recommended for Clients Seeking Significant Weight Loss (40lbs +)

This coaching package offers intensive daily support for the first month of the program while clients are going through detox and learning how to eat sugar-free. It also includes (4) 1-hour and (15) 30-Minute weekly coaching calls where you will learn new skills and strategies related to the following topics. The first 1-hour call takes place prior to the Detox and the commencement of our daily 15-minute coaching calls.

These are Things You Will Learn:

  • How to Minimize and Eliminate Cravings
  • How to Track and Manage Triggers
  • Science of Sugar Addiction
  • How to Follow an Abstinent Meal Plan
  • How to Learn New and Better Ways to Self-Soothe
  • How to Eat Out and Socialize
  • How to Prevent and Recover from Relapse
  • How to Optimize Weight Loss
  • Self-Care and Stress Management
  • How to Identify, Observe, and Ignore Your Sugar Dragon
  • Creating Future-Focused Positive Expectations
  • PLUS Reframing Negative Thoughts (CBT)
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