The Link Between Sugar And Depression

A diet high in sugars has been linked to cognitive impairments, negative neuroplasticity changes such as hippocampal dysfunction and emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.

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The Effects of a High Sugar Diet on the Brain

For those of us that are addicted to sugar, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt it acts like an opiate in our brains. We have watched ourselves crave, overconsume, and crash despite known adverse and unwanted consequences too many times to doubt this fact.

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Is Sugar Bad for Your Heart?

Sugar is a little-known driver of heart disease which, by the way, is the #1 killer of men and women. Being sedentary, drinking too much, and smoking are identified as risk factors while sugar flies under the radar. But it shouldn’t!

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The Sugar and Cancer Connection

In this blog, I will share research that makes a clear connection between sugar and cancer. Knowing the 'facts' just might save your life or someone you love.

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